Experience stage plays in a whole new light!
If stage and theatre plays bring some sort of excitement and anticipation in you, Christchurch is the best place to go.
Christchurch gives great value to its entertainment, providing the locals and tourists with an interesting twist to the way they watch plays and theatres. It has rich history in culture and entertainment, bringing people all over the world to see before their eyes how their favorite shows come to life.
Christchurch has a full-time professional theatre called the Court Theatre that was founded back in 1971. It is the largest and oldest theatre in Christchurch. It is situated in the suburb of Addington after it has been moved from its original location due to the earthquakes in 2011. In 1979, another theatre was established by the name Free Theatre Christchurch along with the Court. There have been community based theatre companies that produce showcase many quality shows.
The theatres bring together talents and stories from different parts of the world. The shows tell stories of hope, inspiration, realities of life, societal problems, healing and other subjects that will leave you wanting for more. Numerous acts were played in Christchurch theatres including the famous Hamlet Machine, Medea Material, Murderer Hope of Women and many others. These plays were sought after and were often the favorite amusement of many tourists and even most of the locals.
The city also offers Metal scene, with metal acts that roam around the different locations of the central city to play to give entertainment and fun to people.
Plays in Christchurch are definitely a must-see. You could be missing on a lot if you go on a day of your vacation without witnessing their plays. Their life-like portrayal of the roles will immerse and impress you.  Venues, promoters and clubs play various local and international acts and you’re lucky if you can catch any of these during your stay. Other theatres host a selection of student drama groups alongside other theatre groups. These theatres were around for years and were rebuilt for the public to see.
Christchurch has rich arts and entertainment industry that continued to grow as people, both locals and tourists continue to patronize these plays and consider them a highlight of their vacation. Even if you are not completely a fan of theatre acts and plays, you will find yourself interested in what these plays have to offer and why people continue to support them.
A lot of new shows and acts were being played by the theatres in New Zealand, in addition to the classics and if ever you are planning to watch one on your next visit, make sure to check out the websites of these theatres for the play schedules.


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